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Some superfast Hayffie for Scooterpie and a sweet anon :)

Well, hello world!
  • Just thought I'd announce a big, big, big day! After long last, Haymitch has finally admitted that he doesn't hate me, and we're getting married! Isn't that fabulous?

Little Miss Prim & Proper-My story→

Just two weeks after graduating with honors, and at the top of my class, I was given my first assignment. I would be replacing the District 12 Escort for the Hunger Games. My name is Effie Trinket, I turned twenty the day I received my diploma and I had yet to stop smiling.


Hayffie | Post-Mockingjay | A Few Years Later (AU)

oh, and this is the “wallpaper” on the “laptop”

(via fandomfatale)

A picture is worth a thousand words!

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